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Synthetic Performance Lubricants (SPL) began way back in 1975. The company produced R/C fuels for airplanes and later for R/C cars. Shortly after that, the company began to expand and develop lubricants for many other engines. Anything from Go-Karts, chain saws, mowers, boat engines, snowmobiles, and more were created right up to car engines.

SPL has sold products into the Monster Truck, Drag Racing, and Motorcycle worlds - both road and moto-cross. SPL even had ECR test their top big car oil on Dyno's and longevity machines with fantastic results.

These pure synthetic based oils are the best lubricating products available. They burn extremely clean, leaving no carbon build up at all. These products are also biodegradable making them superb for the environment as well.


Over the years, the company started selling top grade Methanol as well as Nitro Methane along with even more lubricant products. The company grew from a small one car garage to today's dual buildings, 10,000 square feet each! Today, it still produces many top of the line R/C fuels, but has now grown into a very large oil supplier to many avenues within the racing world.

With top of the line pure synthetic products and pure grade Methanol fuel, we will now be adding Sunoco Racing Gasolines to the line of items for sale. SPL has a synthetic oil product for every kind of motorized vehicle you can think of along with the pure grade Methanol and Sunoco race gases for all types of vehicles.

Give SPL a call for any of your race fuel and lubricant needs. If SPL does not have a product for you, we can surely produce one for you!

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